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Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified

In-Person or Online training

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I chose to train with Anasia after first following her fitness Instagram and trying similar workouts. After a while I just said why not actually train with her! Since I've started, first let me say that she is prompt, always on time, and out workouts are always timely & efficient. I enjoy training with her because of her nonjudgmental attitude, and the fact that she is personable but can still get the job done. Many friends and family can see the results of the work we've been putting in which makes me excited to continue this fitness journey. I've already recommended multiple people to Anasia because of how much I thoroughly enjoy training with her.

Fitness Group


Let me start by saying I've been doing Anasia's HIIT program just over a month and I'm 10 pounds lighter. The programs she creates are intense, diverse, and fun. I caught myself at work rushing to get off to go to the gym and do my workouts! They're great workouts from the beginners to pros. Her professionalism is outstanding, there is never a time I can't pick up the phone when I don't understand a workout. She responds immediately with instructions and videos. Just all around a great experience!

Heavy Weightlifter


I had a baby a year ago and I just got the energy back to start working out and get my pre-baby body back. I hooked up with Anasia and after working out with her for a month, I can already see the progress! I'm already feeling like I'm on the road back to the body I want. On top of the great workouts, she is super sweet and very fun to work with. I highly recommend training with her.

Heavy Weightlifter


Being a professional athlete, it is important to take of your body and train to make sure it is prepared to perform at a high level. Anasia has been great in helping me prepare during the summers for my upcoming season. She is extremely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and will hold you accountable until you get there. I highly recommend training with her.

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